Fundraising Concierge - How It Works

Fundraising Concierge: How It Works


·       Your concierge will meet with you to discuss your campaign goals and other campaign specifics.

·       A campaign plan will be created specifically for your organization. The campaign typically involves between 3-5 email communications (initial emails and segmented follow-ups).

·       You will provide your logo, supporter email list for the campaign, and a draft of your email copy with photos and/or video for the first email.

Email Campaign

Your Fundraising Concierge will:

·       Upload your supporter email list(s) for use in campaign email communications. 

·       Create custom email list segments for more specific targeted campaign emails.

·       Create branded campaign email template.

·       Assist in copy-editing campaign emails.

·       Test and send all campaign emails (Our whitelisting efforts are superb. Our Sender score is 99.5%, which means more emails end up in inboxes than the generic mass email providers).

·       Create a branded ‘reply to’ email address to receive supporter feedback.


If you prefer to use your own donation tool, we'll provide you with a tracking widget. Otherwise, we'll:

·       Create branded donation page(s) in alignment with your campaign goals. Click here for donation form features and options.

·       Set-up your PayPal standard payment processor account (if you don’t already have one) and plug into our branded donation pages for a seamless experience.

·       Create a trackable donation widget for use on your website and email communications; this provides insight about where donors are coming from for use in current and future campaign strategies.


Consultation, Insights and Reporting

·       Your Fundraising Concierge will be monitoring the progress of the campaign and will provide you with regular updates and recommendations for how to enhance results.

·       Provide website ‘call to action’ advice and technical assistance, if needed.

·       Provide private URL to your donation reports.

·       Provide ongoing progress reports, insights and recommendations.

·       Provide a post-campaign data file.

·       Provide a post-campaign results and insights report with recommendations for  future fundraising efforts.